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Nava 909 clone

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Nava 909 clone

Characteristic of Nava v1.0
-128 Rhythm patterns from 1 to 16 steps
-16 tracks of 999 measures
-1 external instrument track by pattern that can store 99 notes like SH101 sequencer style.
-A Midi keyboard mode allow you to play external Midi device
-Multi out for each instruments
-Individual accent for BD, SD, LT, MT, HT, RS, HC and CH
-A total accent track
-Master out (L/R Mono) 6Vp-p 1Kohm
-tempo 30 – 250 Bpm
-7 shuffle levels
-4 scales (1/8t, 1/16, 1/16t and 1/32)
-4 sequencer directions (forward, backward, ping-pong and random)
-Easy copy and paste pattern function
-Shift left or right the entire pattern or individual instrument
-In/Out/Thru Midi
-DinSync 24ppqn Out
-Trig Out 2ms +5V
-And More…



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