TT-303 Bassbot

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TT-303 Bassbot sounds, Instadj OS personalities

TT-303 Sound demo

Simple sound demo of the TT-303, Ableton reverb added.

TT-303 InstaDJ OS Personalities

TT-303 generated patterns, Valhalla reverb added (plugin).

TT-303 Bassbot MXR Distorsion +

tt-303 distorted with MXR Distorsion +


•Monophonic selectable (saw, square) VCO with 24db 4 pole analogue filter.
•User or Bot generated programmable patterns with InstaDJ™ sequencer.
•MIDI IN by default / MIDI IN and OUT (with provided splitter cable).
•13 Colour LED display with user definable console and individual pattern labeling.
•Auto Tune and VCO calibration on demand.
•Generate new patterns using one of seven unique personality algorithms.
•Mutate Patterns to create infinitely complex pattern structure and variation.
•Live Pitch Transpose (+/- 1/2 step pitch), Live Accent (velocity) & Live Slide (portamento).
•Pattern Rotation (left or right) one step in time.
•Complex file manipulation of pattern banks using Copy & Paste.
•Merge up to 8 patterns to one pattern (maximum 64 steps).
•Portable with battery or ac

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Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner

The TT-303 look almost identical to a tb-303, except it uses leds instead of diods and some text is different. We like it a lot, we find the x0xb0x to be a Little more evil when distorted but without distorsion we prefer the tt-303.


TT-303 Bassbot Front TT-303 Bassbot Side Back TT-303 Bassbot Front Side








Some pictures of the tt-303.

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