Tune TM1 VCF TT-303

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Tune TM1 VCF TT-303



1. Remove the 7 screws (Perform this at your own risk, you can probably say goodbye to any warranty if it goes wrong 🙂 )


2. Remove bottom carefully (batterycables attached) and flip it

3. Remove the 5 plastic screws


4. Flip the mainbord carefully


5. Hook up headphones and poweradapter, tune TM1 to your liking. (or the right Hz that you find in the tb-303 servicemanual. I do not know this value at the moment.)


6. Do NOT touch TM2!!


7. Put it back together in reversed order 🙂

Enjoy the ”darker” sounding tt-303, we think it makes a huge difference but open it up at your own risk, warranty problably wont apply after these actions.

if you missed it, there is also a video above that shows how tuning the TM1 will affect the overall sound.

  1. Sune skriver:

    It’s possible to access the TM1 adjuster through the mode selection hole on the front panel when the button is removed:


    Just need some light and a thin screwdriver.

  2. diego skriver:

    In your opinion is any way to control the cutoff via midi or via cv-gate-midi as in the tb 303 with kenton kit?
    in other world: does the kenton tb 303 kit compatible with the tt303 bassbott?
    Thank you.

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